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Five Letter Dot Com Domain Name A B C D J for sale.
Logo included:

There are two ways to purchase abcdj.com
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www.abcdj.com was registered in 1999

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Also for sale, a four (4) letter dot com domain name xsdj.com

There are two ways to purchase xsdj.com
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www.xsdj.com was registered in 2002

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$1,995.00 each or best offer - for the following dot com domain names

1.) 3 producers.com

2.) www.dj prices.com

3.) www.cutie fruit.com

4.)  www.party prices.com

5.) www.dj swap shop.com

6.) www.event prices.com

7.) www.banquet prices.com

8.) www.banquets catered.com

9.) www.catered weddings.com

10.) www.ad delivery service.com    

11.)  www.entertainment prices.com

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Perfect & Pure Dot Com Domain Names
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1.) www.teaseangel.com

2.) www.fotostars.com

3.) www.yourknot.com

4.) www.zipedeals.com

5.)  www.partyofparties.com

6.)  www.weddingprices.com

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